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  • Postdoctoral Fellowship

    The Goode Practice is always looking for new therapists who share our passion for providing culturally responsive care to BIPOC and LGBTQ+ clients.

    We will accept applications for the 2023-2024 fellowship until March 15, 2023.


    This is a paid training opportunity for recent graduates from a doctoral program in clinical or counseling psychology. The one-year fellowship is a 40-hour per week experience. The overlapping foci of the fellowship are:

    1. acquiring the requisite post-degree hours for licensure as a psychologist;
    2. enhancing competencies in working with the unique psychological issues faced by Black, Indigenous and People of Color, sexual minorities, and trans/gender expansive people within a North American context;
    3. developing the requisite skills for a successful private practice career by the end of the fellowship.


    • Integrating best practices into contemporary private practice work
    • Incorporating regular assessment into treatment
    • Increasing facility with working with LGBTQIA clients
    • Expanding facility with working with clients of color
    • Exposure to contemporary and foundational literature in relational psychodynamic psychotherapy


    On average, fellows will spend 65% of their time engaged in direct clinical service with individuals, couples, and groups. The remaining time will be spent in supervision, professional development activities, and completing clinical administrative duties. Fellows will work at least one morning (8am or 9am), at least three evenings (until 8pm or 9pm), and a portion of one weekend day (i.e., Saturday or Sunday). Telehealth sessions enhance the ability for fellows and residents to design a flexible schedule that meets their needs.


    Fellows will receive up to two hours of supervision weekly plus an additional two hours of training experiences to include group supervision, professional development workshops, selected readings in psychodynamic psychotherapy, case conference, and/or supervision of supervision.

    Fellows/Residents should possess:

    • A successfully completed APA-accredited or APPIC-approved predoctoral internship by start date
    • Appreciation for and experience with the unique needs of marginalized clients of color
    • Understanding of and interest in relational or interpersonal psychodynamic therapies and practice
    • Interest in expanding social justice and decolonization practices into case conceptualization skills
    • Intellectual curiosity, openness, and commitment to learning about the nuances of work in private practice
    • Commitment to discussing issues of identity, privilege, and oppression in the context of their work with clients and in supervision
    • Ability to work both independently and under supervision


    Fellows will receive approximately $60,000 and will accrue up 20 days of paid leave annually.

    To apply, please submit the following for consideration to [email protected]:

    • Statement of interest (no more than 500 words) explaining your interest in this opportunity and how it relates to your professional goals
    • Detailed curriculum vita/resume, including a summary of previous clinical experience
    • Academic transcript of graduate work (unofficial is acceptable)
    • Sample of your clinical work (e.g., case summary and conceptualization, integrated report)
    • Sample of academic work, if available (e.g., peer-reviewed article, book chapter, etc.)
    • Three letters of recommendation, including one from a current supervisor