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  • Jabarey Wells

    Jabarey currently has availability on Tuesdays and Saturdays and can see clients with Blue Cross Blue Shield and Cigna insurances.  

    Jabarey (he/him) is a fourth-year doctoral student in community and clinical psychology at UMBC.  Professionally and personally, Jabarey is interested in how the intersection of culture, identity, and oppression influence both individual and collective wellbeing–especially for members of marginalized communities.  He is particularly attentive to the ways trauma shows in in clients’ lives and affects their mental, physical, and social health.  Jabarey enjoys helping Black men and other men of color explore healthier, freer masculinities and identities for themselves.   


    BA, Morehouse College (psychology)

    MA, University of Maryland, Baltimore County (human services psychology)

    PhD (in progress), University of Maryland, Baltimore County (community-clinical psychology)