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  • Therapy

    Individual Therapy

    We want you to feel better. You may be experiencing depression, anxiety, relationship or family concerns, career dissatisfaction, identity-based stress, or just adjusting to new circumstances. Our therapists can collaborate with you to provide affirmation and support as you face life’s challenges.

    Couples Therapy

    Our expertise is helping “queer” couples (same-sex couples and those couples in which one or more partners are trans or gender-expansive) work through issues that prevent them from experiencing optimal connection. We use a Gottman-informed approach to couples therapy to help partners improve their communication with each other, increase their emotional intimacy, and work through old hurts and injuries. Our therapists are aware of the distinct challenges that same-sex and gender expansive couples experience in trying building satisfying romantic relationships. Whether your relationship has hit a rough patch or you’re preparing to move to the next level, we can help.

    Gender Evaluations

    Some insurance carriers require an assessment and diagnosis of gender dysphoria by a licensed psychologist before they cover medical interventions to affirm your gender. We can help you process what, if any, surgical or hormonal changes are right for you. We can also provide the requisite documentation of our work together to help you take the next steps in affirming your gender.